The Future of Design Education


Educators are the link to the future and the best are aware of their responsibility.

A progressive educator has learned when it is time to change the methods or at least adjust the learning process. Being open minded and passionate about teaching sets the tone for learning that never ceases.

Interior Design educators are seeing an inversion of the traditional lecture classroom to a new learning style where instructors and students are interacting to explore and solve questions that can’t be found in books. Lecture halls are no longer considered the way for content to be learned and absorbed. Students read and research on their own and homework is now being done in the classroom with teachers and peers. This process benefits the students increasing the chance to learn and become successful by developing stronger team skills and a connection to mentors.

We are proud to say that we have that mentor at Swan Interiors; Kristin Holmes ASID is a beautiful example to be followed. Over years, she has mentored students interested in learning more about interior design as possible career choices and providing internships for college design students. The Age of Technology also creates a reciprocal learning opportunity back to the mentors so the learning truly never ceases!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.